M83 – Galaxy in Cen

Eight Burst Nebula

Pillars of Creation (Eagle Nebula)

Quasar 3c273 – go to the news section to read about this interesting object.

Tarantula Nebula (RGB)

Jupiter (16Nov10)

47 Tuc 2 minute exposures

47 Tuc (NGC 105) 1 minute exposures

NGC 7412 (5 x 30 min exposures)

The Dragons Head Nebula

IC5325, face on spiral galaxy, very faint (low surface brightness)

3 x 3 Mosaic of 30 min shots taken with the ST-7 (M20) Trifid

Trifid Nebula (M20)

3 x 5 min subs taken with ST-7 through 10″ Meade ACF

Sombero Galaxy (M104)

3 x 30 Minute exposures